After 6 milestones (milestone 6 was silently released in July 2014), AgentScape 2.0 has been released.

As always, to install this version use the generic AgentScape installer which can be downloaded from this site.
A brief overview of the changes are:

  • Autowiring of service bindings (@AutoService) and config parameters (@AutoParam)
  • Agent close/continuation rules (can keep agent alive after run() finishes)
  • Agent name service (extension to directory service)
  • Proper startup and shutdown semantics
  • Agent container recovery (agent restart on middleware restart)
  • Testing framework and utilities
  • Removed org.iids.aos.log -> now using SLF4j with logback as default logger
  • Blackboard service separated into modules that can be used without agentscape
  • Configuration of local services (for example: DirectoryService for filtering)
  • Bug fixes and stability fixes

The maven repositories of AgentScape have been updated.