Earlier this year we quietly released the Milestone 4 version of AgentScape. We consider M4 a 'minor' release. Meanwhile, although we are now almost ready to release Milestone 5, we still want to give you an overview of the changes that are already available in M4:

- revised/fixed project structure.
- added archetypes for agent + services.
- added special parent projects for agent/service/component.
- support for snapshot repositories.

- bidirectional connection use.

AgentScape general:
- now Java6+ only.
- Revised and improved lifecycle management (eg. message handling).
- Improved thread management.
- Local services framework: ThreadService, TimerService and DirectoryService.
- AgentScape configuration editor.
- deprecated injector.jar and asstartup.jar.

XSD handling:
- support for multiple locations in the agentscape configuration file.