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#1 2015-04-09 12:47:22

From: Delft University of Technology
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New release AgentScape 2.0

After 6 milestones (milestone 6 was silently released in July 2014), AgentScape 2.0 has been released.
As always, to install this version use the generic AgentScape installer which can be downloaded from the agentscape website.

For more information about the release, see here.

A brief overview of the changes are:

  - Autowiring of service bindings (@AutoService) and config parameters (@AutoParam)
  - Agent close/continuation rules (can keep agent alive after run() finishes)
  - Agent name service (extension to directory service)
  - Proper startup and shutdown semantics
  - Agent container recovery (agent restart on middleware restart)
  - Testing framework and utilities
  - Removed org.iids.aos.log -> now using SLF4j with logback as default logger
  - Blackboard service separated into modules that can be used without agentscape
  - Configuration of local services (for example: DirectoryService for filtering)
  - Bug fixes and stability fixes

The maven repositories of AgentScape have been updated.



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