AgentScape - Current Versions

AgentScape 2 has a generic installer, which is able to install any released version of AgentScape 2.
It requires a network connection during installation.

Generic AgentScape 2 Installer

The latest version is:
Oct 2014: AgentScape 2.0 (r6585)

See the AgentScape website for more information about this release.
AgentScape can be installed through a separate Installer, which needs an active internet connection.
There is no offline installer available now. Download the nightlybuild if you need an offline installer.

Nightly builds are also available, but no guarantees this will work (or even build):
AgentScape nightly build source only

AgentScape javadoc

AgentScape - Archive of Older Versions

Here you can find older versions of AgentScape. Note, these versions are only provided as reference. In principle, only the latest version of AgentScape is supported. If you just want to use AgentScape as is, this is not the place to be. Instead, download the latest pacakged version of AgentScape from here.

Archived versions of AgentScape

Version 2-M5 release (July 2013)
Installable using the AgentScape 2 installer

Version 2-M4 release (Apr 2012)
Installable using the AgentScape 2 installer

Version 2-M3 release (Apr 2011)
Installable using the AgentScape 2 installer

Version 2-M2 (r4578) release (Oct 2010)
AgentScape2 Milestone 2 (r4578) zip

Version 2-M1 (r4054) release (Apr 2010)
AgentScape2 Milestone 1 (r4054) zip