AAMAS-07/BNAIC-07 Demonstration: WS-Agreement Based Resource Negotiation in AgentScape


This demonstration has been presented in the demo tracks at the AAMAS-2007 conference and BNAIC-2007 conferenc.

Brief description of the Demonstration

This demonstration illustrates the use of a resource negotation protocol in a distributed multi-agent system. The goal of the demonstration is twofold:

  1. visualize the resource negotiation within the AgentScape middleware, and
  2. demonstrate an application that uses the potential of resource negotiation. The demonstration consists of two small demonstrations.

The first demonstration is a live demonstration of how resource negotation works within the AgentScape agent middleware. In AgentScape, agents running on one location (a group of hosts) can negotiate for the use of resources offered at another location. These resources include cpu-cycles, network
bandwidth, disk space, and access to databases, which are offered by services running at locations. To gain access to these resources, an agent negotiates with a mediator at the remote location representing the group of hosts offering the desired resources. The protocol and language used for negotation is based on the WS-Agreements specification.

The first demonstration graphically explains in detail all the steps involved when an agent migrates from one location to another, focusing on the negotiation steps done by the mediator and agent for the required resources at the remote location.

These steps include:

  • the mediator grouping the available resources, made available by individual hosts
  • the mediator receiving requests from agents for resources
  • the mediator determining whether and how it can match up the offered resources and the requests.

The second demonstration focuses on resource negotation on the application level showing the flexibility of the framework. The context of this demonstration is the energy domain. Hosts are energy producers and Agents are energy consumers. The energy producers are grouped into virtual organization (locations) and each host produces energy with different capacity. The mediator aggregates the energy from multiple hosts and offers them to multiple agents. The demonstration shows multiple agents, each with different energy requirements, negotiating with the mediator that tries to distribute the requests among the available energy producers.

During the demonstration the consumers will periodically have to negotiate with the mediator to purchase the required amount of energy for a given price. By changing the configuration parameters of both the energy providers and consumers, the effect of the energy allocation negotiation process can be seen.

The README of this demonstration, including screenshots can be seen here.

Technical Content

The technical content and further references can be found here.


You can download the demonstrations as standalone demo's or as a live-CD, based on Damn Small Linux.

  1. The BNAIC live-CD (300MB!), containing both demonstrations. The older AAMAS live-CD also be downloaded here.
  2. The negotiation framework demo. This demonstration contains a flash movie, detailing the negotiation framework step-by-step.
  3. The energy demonstration demo.

    This demonstration contains a modified AgentScape distribution containing the energy demo. Unzip the distribution and read the README_1ST.html file in the root directory.